Megalopolis Issue 11 Cover

The Ten Commandments - Thou shalt not make for thyself an idol Thou shalt not make wrongful use of the name of thy God Re...

Issue 11 Small Print - this info is mostly out-of-date, but this is how it would have appeared in the magazine, had it e...

Pronunciation Guide - Pronunciation Guide: West, Woody, D'arcy, Dale, Kim, Max, Reva, Kristen, SHOOP (sufficient space fol...

Platy Prod.s' Obsession - oxymorons successful suicide christian science general specialist health aids fresh froz...

hope, love, and abjection - Mother Mary's back in glass. She's kneeling on the coffee table and he's looking down akimbo from th...

The Groovy Boots - From the funky oblongata of the far reaches of Indonesia, too far to reach without your grabby stick...

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The Ten Commandments - Art by Andy Robbins
Hatred - Pterodactyl
Extra - Stork Boy, Tepid Coffee
Fear On - Pterodactyl
Punjab and Neilsen Eat Lunch at a Sushi Bar - Platy Prods.
Paint Thinner - Stork Boy
Violent Sippings of Tea - Tepid Coffee
PIRATE FRANKY PILLAGES CONSTANTINOPLE (Part 4/4) - Stork Boy, Tepid Coffee and Platy Prod.s
Chloe - Topher k

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