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Check Out Viscocity

Clay Greenberg
Kinkajou Records

Another pretty album! If Django doesn't stop giving me these dam pretty records, I'm going to have to start liking them. Actually, this pretty record is pretty good.

Clay Greenberg Versus Page Wilson:

Page Clay
Country with some Bluegrass Country Bluegrass with some Blues
Mandolin, Dobro, Acoustic Guitar and High Harmonies Mandolin, National Steel Guitar, Fiddle, Pedal Steel, and 2 Accordions
Mostly High Notes
and Fast Music
Some Low Notes and
Mostly Slow Music
Guest Stars about a million people Guest Stars Guy Clark

This record definitely has more of a blues tinge than most of the country songs. And then something like track 6, "I'm so Happy I Don't Have a Gun" comes along, and I think I'm listening to Todd Snider. "The House Song," which features Guy Clark is kind of silly. It sounds like something that would fit in on a follow-up to Greg Brown's kids album, "Bathtub Blues."

Of course, there's still some pretty songs, like "Tinsel Town," which reminds me a little too much of an under-produced Sonny Landreth song. and "Whenever I Fall Down." But I can weather the prettiness.

This album won't make the CD player next time I'm throwing a huge party, but maybe the next morning...


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