Django Webdesign

Here are a few of the websites I've done. For a more comprehensive list, email me.


Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes - Designed, developed and scripted entirely by me. This site features an extensive back end that includes an editable (by the band) tour schedule that is kept current automatically, cross-referenced MP3s, photos and show dates, a web-based mailing list, and much, much more. - I designed and maintain this site. Features include a guestbook, MP3 integration and some great admin functions. Also some JavaScripting tricks in the discography section. - A small website designed for a Wyoming blues band. Although the client wanted only one page to start with, I kept the design and code simple enough to be sure I could add pages and sections easily.

ARTISTS/MEDIA - The client designed this site in photoshop and sent me a .psd file. I prepped it for the web and designed the navigation to work in PHP. The entire site is dynamic, and uses only a couple of actual pages with content called in separately. This makes it very easy to add/change content.

Zachary Pullen, Illustration - This site showcases my skills at creating a website that uses images only. There is no html text anywhere on

Seamless Images - This site was conceptualized by the artist, Andrew Robbins. I made the whole thing feasible and coded the html. The site is much more complex than it looks and can be updated at the push of a button. - This site was made to hype a book that I designed. The look and feel is based on the design of the book itself. It is set up to carry you through a series of "tour" pages with information before you purchase the book. It utilizes php templates, and is very easy to update.


What's Up - A Bellingham scene magazine that. I designed the site and have recently added a huge interconnected database for events, bands and venues.

The Excuse Magazine - My fanzine site. Designed from the ground up by me. No longer updated.

POPsmear OnLine - POPsmear was a magazine based in NYC that I was a field rep for. In December of 1999, POPsmear died. I am the webmaster for the archives. The entire site was redesigned by me, and I have an intimate relationship with every single one of the 600-plus pages on the site. WARNING: some adult content.

BUSINESSES - My t-shirt printing and band promotions business. The site looks very simple, but it's actually very complex. It utilizes php templates on every page, and features tricks with javascript, a php-based guestbook and other tricks that you'll have to find for yourself.

The Casper Journal - I coded this site using simpletext because no other programs were available at the time. "Very simple" were my directions. I think that I accomplished that.

Cosmic Comics Online - Designed to feature in-store stock as well as links to other various selling tools (weekly shipping preview, etc.), this site was designed and coded by me. The same basic design is also used on their eBay auctions, and has turned into a kind of online brand. Eventually, it will contain some php scripting to enable searching of the merchandise.


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